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Dragon Slayer Ornstein 

In these days of consistently successful action figures, busts and statuses; We come across a status that reflects the majestic atmosphere we feel when we play the game. Our character is one of the bosses we encountered in the first game of the Souls series: Dragon Slayer Ornstein. Not Dark Souls 1, but as someone who's buried my hours in his second play. It's been the atmosphere that's affected me from the beginning. That's one of the best things souls games do. You play, you play. But it might not be a good experience to sit next to a nervous friend and watch him play.

Our figure, about 27 inches long, plays Ornstein, who defends Anor Londo. Starting from the platform; Labor and details are number 10. It's a good example of how the marks he took during combat were applied for the details of his armor. It has the same quality for its interior armor. And for his spear, I agree. The spear's design in the game was successfully transferred to the sculpture. The figure is already imposing and you need a serious area to display. The pre-ordered statue costs $600. We pay tribute to Ornstein, who is so great and can also maintain his simplicity.

Features of the Regular Version:

By Ajay Pandey

Product size: H 26.5 inches (67cm) x W 22 inches (56cm) x D 31 inches (79cm)

Weight: 10.98 kg

Material: Resin

Authentication Card (Kimlik Doğrulama Kartı)

Detailed platform for positioning in Anor Londo's rooms

About Dragon Slayer Ornstein:

Ornstein, one of Lord Gwyn's most trusted knights, was believed to be captain of Gwyn's Four Knights. Although he was a captain, he was given a special spirit and the Leo Ring by the Lord of the Sun. (If you cut the Old Dragonslayer boss in Dark Souls 2, the spirit of the Old Dragonslayer and the Old Leo Ring fall.) It was said that Ornstein's spear could break up two rocks. Ornstein was left to guard the cathedral in Anor Londo with "Executioner Smough" after the gods escaped. (The two are bosses we meet at the same time in Dark Souls 1.)

At some point in time, Ornstein left his duty to guard the cathedral in search of the Nameless King. He's on his way to Archdragon Peak, where he's said to be the Nameless King. However, ornstein's fate and the results of his research are unknown.

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