Spacebobs Full Gonk Droid Inspired (Inc Feet) 3D Printable Fan Art Files

All measurements for the tub file have come directly from the real found item that was used in ANH (that has not been produced since 1976)

 I have the original tub here and my file is mm perfect in its digital form save one or two tiny “tells”

The Gonk Droid STL files include everything you need to print the whole droid inc Feet except the legs themselves, i.e the connection between the supplied feet/tub files.

This is usually made from wood for strength and 'clothed' in ventilation tubing or similar (125mm)....

*Edit* there are now Leg files included although they are very simple and just glue in place

As it is such a big droid and covered in mostly flat planes the easiest version to make is a frame version that will need sheets of 6mm sintra to complete.The frame version will need a 300 x300 bed printer unless you are scaling down.

There are also whole versions of the tubs to custom slice as you wish, which would then fit on whichever printer that you have.

Files include Tubs, Midrail, Feet, all side accurate details, Baking tray (inc face details), Loaf tin, all side detail inc, the big circle, the “E”, the three ports on the back and the “hubcaps” and a few more greeblies for inside the Loaf tins and rear ports if you want (Edit and now the Legs).

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